Supporting you at work



ClearTalents At Work™ helps you to explore your working environment to discover if changes can be made to improve your experience of work, your personal performance and your overall wellbeing. Designed to support you as an individual, the system takes you through a series of questions to create a profile of you and your circumstances.

For example, you might have a disability or health condition, cultural or dietary requirements, or religious or caring responsibilities that impact on your ability or availability to work in certain environments. You might just benefit from a change to your working space, lighting or a new mouse or keyboard. The system is here to help you find out how making small changes can make a big difference to you and your work.

Once you have registered with the ClearTalents At Work™ system and completed your profile, you can come back at any time to change your details, edit your profile or create a new one as your circumstances or job role changes.



How do we help you?

ClearTalents™ At Work asks you questions about the following key areas which are used to create an informative report that will help identify adjustments or accommodations you may need to do your job to the best of your ability:

  • Communication

  • Pen & paper

  • Computer

  • Workspace

  • Workplace

  • Travel

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