Supporting you at work

Advice for employers

The law requires all employers to make reasonable adjustments or accommodations for individuals with disabilities, long term health conditions and many other characteristics such as race, gender, religion or age, which can have an impact on their ability or availability to work.

Whilst this is a legal requirement, tailoring work for diverse employees has many benefits for your business including reduced sickness absence, better physical and mental wellbeing, improved productivity, better retention rates and reduced recruitment costs.

ClearTalents™ At Work has many sources of guidance. Reports generated for each employee contain specific advice and implementation guidance for employers. There are links to many other sources of help too, including expert assessors, equipment providers and legal advisors.

The Clear Company - leading auditor of Inclusive Recruitment and Employment practice and behaviours. Clear provide many solutions for employers to help include all people at work.

AbilityNet - Expert WorkSpace Assessors and Digital Accessibility Consultants

DWF LLP - global Law Firm providing employers with expert guidance on Equality at work

ENEI - Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion provides employers with guidance and support to attract and include a diverse workforce

Vercida - A recruitment advertising site for employers seeking to attract and retain a diverse workforce